COMO restaurant & cocktail bar — Prague's finest fusion restaurant & cocktail bar

О ресторане COMO

Ресторан и коктейль-бар COMO — один из самых популярных ресторанов Праги. Его уютная терраса выходит на Вацлавскую площадь и Национальный музей.

Весь персонал ресторана COMO стремится сделать так, чтобы гости чувствовали себя у нас как дома.

COMO — синоним уникального ресторанного опыта; новое меню «а-ля карт» предлагает лучшие блюда традиционной чешской, средиземноморской и итальянской кухни, а также суши.

Наряду с фирменными блюдами COMO предлагает также отличный выбор вин, пива и коктейлей.

Знатоки архитектуры и дизайна интерьеров по достоинству оценят коктейль-бар COMO, оформленный в нью-йоркском стиле бруклинскими дизайнерами из Jason Volenec Studio (США).

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Бесплатный Wi-Fi.

Pavel Štěpánek

Pavel has been living in Prague since 2010, where he first came to cook in La Casata. Two years later, he joined the team of the renowned restaurant Aromi, where he worked under the supervision of the world-famous Italian chef Riccardo Lucque, with the then chef of Aromi, Radek Hasman. This allowed Pavel to gain very valuable experience he applies in his cooking to this day. He looks back at those years with great pride.

In 2013, Pavel Štěpánek joined the hotel restaurant Como restaurant & cocktail bar to work as a sous chef of a team led by Dušan Mackovič. After several years of working with and learning from Dušan, Pavel became the new chef of Como restaurant & cocktail bar in 2019, particularly thanks to his hard work and diligence.

Quick lunch

Exceptional and representative space of Como restaurant & cocktail bar exclusively located within the Prague centre, right at Wenceslas Square. It is an ideal solution if you wish to organise a company event or a birthday party. We will gladly assist you with the entire planning process to ensure that you can enjoy a perfect evening. Catering may be in the form of a tasting menu or a buffet – always tailored to your requirements. The restaurant has a separate area with capacity of up to 100 guests (depending on the layout). For more information, do not hesitate to contact our F&B Manager Petr Urbánek at